The Charlie White Theatre in the ...

Mary Winspear Centre

Seat Sale!

A historic Seat Sale Invitation
We're extending our Seat Sale!
The new Mary Winspear Centre opened in fall 2001.
Many have been inspired by this project.
Now we are turning to you to ask for your support.
Phase one of the Seat Sale has raised over $250,000
but we need almost $850,000 more to finish the job and
enable us to purchase much needed furniture and equipment for the Theatre.
Please join in supporting this remarkable community edeavour and mark
your place in history by buying a seat plaque in the
Charlie White Theatre.
Why is this important?
You'll be helping the Mary Winspear Centre reach its goal
ensuring the long-term viability of our new community and
cultural centre.  At the same time you'll be helping to
provide a community legacy for generations to come.
How much does it cost?
Seats can be purchased in one of two categories:
$2,000.00 for a Gold Seat
$1,000.00 for a Silver Seat.
To purchase your seat, why not concider an installment plan?
How do you buy a seat?
It's easy, just contact us at
250-656-0275 ext 221
via email at
or come down in person to
2243 Beacon Avenue
Sidney, BC
Thank you for helping the Mary Winspear Centre reach its
goal and seating yourself!
An income tax receipt will be issuedfor all donations.
Registered Charity # 88636-3993-RR0001