The “Children’s Art and Music Fund” (CAMF) is a legacy program in support of the Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre tenth anniversary. The Fund provides aid to school aged children from low-income families to assist with program fees.


The “Children’s Art and Music Fund” ensures that all of our children have the opportunity to participate in programming at the Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre. Our programming provides local youth with the opportunity to express themselves in song, build confidence through acting, strengthen with dance and develop self confidence with creation.

Children naturally love art; painting, drawing, making music, singing, and the theatre. The Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre offers our children all of these possibilities. Donated funds provide a bursary for youth from low income families to participate in children’s programming.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we make a difference, giving children the education, and opportunities they need to succeed on their own. The arts have a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and have proven to help level the "learning field" across socio-economic boundaries.

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